Event App Strategies: Why Use an Event-App for Your Next Internal Corporate Meeting?

Part 1: Tips & Tricks – Go Green

Having your own event-app for the event you are about to organize has become a ”must-have”, both in regards to the attendee’s perspective, but also as a tool for you as an organizer. As the world we live in becomes more digitalized, so does the event industry and new tools are on the horizon.

Using an event-app for your next event can make life easier for you as an event organizer, but to get the full benefit out of your event app, you need to have a strategy and a purpose for what you want the app to do as well as why you use it.

A good question to ask yourself is:

“What do I want to achieve by using an Event-App for this particular event?”

By making some thoughts around this question – it is more likely that the return on investment from your event-app will be much higher, both in terms of money and attendee experience.


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To answer the question you should start by writing down some goals and objectives around what outcome you want from your event-app.

To help you further, here are some examples:

1. I want to reduce print cost
2. I want to distribute information faster
3. I want to make the event last longer
4. I want to create a digital community around the event

Let’s look at goal 1; “I want to reduce print cost”

– If you goal is to reduce costs on printouts, this goal can in itself be a great incentive to invest in an event-app instead of printing out documents, agendas, hand-outs etc. By making this shift you also contribute to making green events and saving the environment.

In the next blog post in this series we will look further into distributing information efficiently and best practices around using apps to communicate with your attendees. Stay tuned!

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Fredrik Hoel is the CEO and one of the Founders of EventEye, an innovative mobile event app that puts a large emphasis on ease of use and attendee experience. He is passionate about technology and how we can connect digital experiences to the real world.