The IMEX 2016 Experience

IMEX 2016 in Frankfurt was a great experience for us!

It has been nearly two weeks since IMEX 2016 and we wanted to share some of our experiences from the show.


It was great to exhibit at IMEX. We had a busy booth which we shared with Shocklogic, Moove and MDI.
During the 3-day expo, we had the calendar full of meetings with interesting organizers from all parts of the world that was interested in trying out our user-friendly EventApps at their next event.


Campfire Session
Our CEO Fredrik Hoel held the most visited campfire session during the 3-day exhibition. His popular topic “Five predictions for the attendee experience in 2020” had a total of 28 attendees coming to hear what’s coming for the future.

The talk lasted for 30 minutes and as you can see from the picture below, it was a interesting talk.


Video Interview
Our co-founder Ane Jemblie Monssen was interviewed on the same topic “Attendee experience in 2020”. She talks through her thoughts on how fast the event industry is changing, and what we can expect from events as an attendee in the following years.

Interested in the predictions, you can watch the full interview here!


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